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Schedule a Good Fit Call

What we offer


Opportunities for professional development, a promotion and pay rise


Work in a team that strives for productivity, excellence and personal growth


Be a part of a fast growing start-up, with lots of potential and opportunities


We love fun and do frequent team activities like fishing, kayaking, climbing, outings and dinners.


Open for workplace adaptations. Adjust your plan to work efficiently!


Consistent development of your skills, through workshops and trainings.


Work within the personal atmosphere of a family owned business. We personally care for and value each of our team members!


Attractive compensation, 401K retirement plan and commission/bonus schedules - hard work is rewarded!


Working with newest high-tech solutions of the industry in a fast paste, constantly evolving environment

Our Values | Dry Kings
Our Values | Dry Kings


Identify and seize opportunities

Disasters have only increased, and we believe this is a unique opportunity to aid our community during catastrophic events and truly make a difference. We increasingly take a positive impact on our local community by providing premier restoration services with a sense of urgency.
Our Values | Dry Kings


Make the best out of what you have

At Dry Kings we steward well what is entrusted to us. We make the very best out of what we have, because we know that the ones who are faithful with little will receive more. We treat our client’s property with respect and the highest level of care, as it would be our own. We maximize the positive influence we can take in every situation.
Our Values | Dry Kings


Count on me

We take ownership and are involved in the work that affects us. We own our roles and take our responsibilities serious. We are ready to give account for the work we do, because we take pride in giving our best, day by day.
Our Values | Dry Kings


Never stop learning

At Dry Kings we believe that to make a difference, we need to not only be top skilled but also be commited to continuous learning. Being the best means personal development and ongoing training.
Our Values | Dry Kings


Implement positive moments of truth

The Dry Kings attitude is to serve, each other and our clients. Internally and externally, we go above and beyond to hear, understand, and meet the needs of the people we work with.
Our Values | Dry Kings


Respect is earned not given

We believe that respect is earned! All of our team member strives to be the best version of themselves. We push our limits as a company! Respect is a result of hard work, commitment and having worked through challenges victoriously.
Our Values | Dry Kings


We do what is right

At Dry Kings we have the opportunity to learn, grow and even fail together – as we continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve the Dry Kings experience. We operate on the foundation of integrity. We are committed to doing what is right – even when no one is watching.
Our Values | Dry Kings


Treating others with respect, dignity and care

We value each other and our customers. We assume the best and seek to overcome differences through empathy and understanding. We ask questions and reach out to each other when we need help. We genuinely support each other.

What our Team says

Janina B.

Janina B.

The Bosses are very focused on building and developing the current team and finding the right candidates to fill other key roles. As a person who likes detail and instructions, I was very happy to have thorough training materials that I could reference constantly. The teammate I work with closely is also very happy to answer my questions and explain processes to me as I learn more about this industry. If you are dependable, enjoy and own responsibility, and ready to truly use your skills and experience, then this is a company with lots of potential.
Sergio - Project Manager Restoration Company Job Opportunity - San Francisco & Marin, CA

Sergio V.

Dry Kings gave me the opportunity to manage the operations and technical side. What attracted me to this company was their pursuit of excellence, I take pride in proving high standards in the services we offer to our customers. It makes me happy to work for a company that provides all the resources needed to give our clients a great experience. I really believe this company has a great future ahead.
John - Estimator Restoration Company Job Opportunity - San Francisco & Marin, CA

John F.

DKR has been an awesome place to build my career in the Restoration Industry. The team is experienced, caring, helpful, and always willing to listen. They strive for providing industry leading service and give you all of the tools you need to do so. It’s a huge bonus to be with a company who constantly works to be on the modern edge of the industry, utilizing the newest methods and technology to deliver successful restoration projects.
Stephanie G.

Stephanie G.

Dry Kings is heading in an exciting direction, and it is fulfilling to be a part of a young and dynamic team. I am so pleased by the upbeat energy and deep passion of the upper management; it creates a very different atmosphere compared to previous places I’ve worked at. At Dry Kings I feel empowered to utilize my full skillset and I like that every employee has a voice and influence on the way the organization evolves.
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