Dry Kings Restoration is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for a free inspection and let our experts assess your situation at no cost.


Dry Kings Restoration is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for a free inspection and let our experts assess your situation at no cost.


Dry Kings Restoration offers building damage restoration solutions and 24/7/365 disaster recovery response – tailored to your individual needs. In a water or fire emergency, we’ll dispatch a crew for immediate support within 60 minutes.

24/7 Emergency Service

Disasters are never in the plans. Our experts are available for you at any time. We provide emergency restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sundays, weekends, holidays, in the middle of the night and everything in between. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you experience property damage from water or fire.

Rapid Response

In order to prevent further damage, our goal is to start the restoration process as early as possible. Do not hesitate to call – you can expect an immediate response. Our commitment is to be at your place in less than 60 minutes.

Customer Centered Care

At our water damage restoration company, our main goal is to provide you the highest level of care in catastrophic events & guide everyone affected to the best possible outcome. That means that as our customer, we always have your best interest in mind. Unlike other restoration companies, we work for you – not your insurance provider. Our goal is to help you save time and money, while delivering quality work, top-notch service and timely communication – throughout all phases of the project.

Fully Licensed & Insured Technicians

At Dry Kings, we comply with the IICRC Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration industry standards. Our team is certified and highly trained to restore disaster damage of any kind. We are general contractors and have full insurance coverage – for your peace of mind. That means, we not only do disaster clean up, but also make sure you get your property built back to its pre-loss condition.

Advanced Technology

Our technicians use specialized equipment to detect, measure and monitor a building’s moisture levels. Powerful water extraction equipment speeds up the drying process by removing the majority of visible water. Industrial strength dehumidifiers and air movers help to remove the rest of the moisture from the ceilings, walls, and floors of your property. Airborne contaminants are eliminated during the cleanup process.

Dry Kings Restoration Facts:

  • Local to the Bay Area
  • Company Focused on:
    • Professionalism
    • Highest standard of care
    • Customer service targeted to individual restoration needs
    • High-tech solutions for maximum efficiency
    • Training and compliance
  • Headquartered in Novato, CA
  • Nationwide network with other independent restorers
  • EMR Safety Rating .8
  • Emergency response teams available 24/7/365

Dry Kings Restoration has trained, expert technicians located throughout the Bay Area including:

  • Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT)
  • Carpet Repair and Reinstallation Technician (RRT)
  • Odor Control Technician (OCT)
  • Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT)
  • Applied Structural Drying Technician (ASD)
  • Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT)
  • Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT)
  • Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician (UFT)
  • Health and Safety Technician (HST)
  • Journeyman Textile Cleaner (JTC)
  • Journeyman Water Restorer (JWR)
  • Master Water Restorer (MWR)
  • Journeyman Fire & Smoke Restorer (JSR)
  • Master Fire and Smoke Restorer (MSR)
  • Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS)
  • Color Repair Technician (CRT)
  • Master Textile Cleaner (MTC)
  • Stone, Masonry and Ceramic Tile Cleaning Technician (SMT)

Dry Kings Restoration equipment available:

  • Dehumidifiers: Large & XLs as well as commercial trailers
  • Axial Air movers
  • Dry Force/ Injecta Dry
  • Negative Air Machines
  • Hydroxyl Generators
  • Matterport 3D technology
  • Moisture meters, hygrometers and thermal cameras
  • Plus many more specialized pieces of equipment when necessary.

Certifications & Licenses:

  • CA Contractors License 1046914
  • Public Works License Type: PW-LR-1001093427
  • CDPH: Lead Certified Supervisors and Workers
  • IICRC certified firm
  • SF City Partners ID: B000034995
  • NAICS: 236220, 562910


Residential & Commercial Disaster Recovery Solutions

Dry Kings Restoration is an independently owned, mitigation-only building restoration company, specializing in providing both residential and commercial disaster recovery solutions. Dry Kings Restoration is building a force of master restorers committed to revolutionizing disaster recovery – because we believe everyone deserves a comeback, especially those facing tragedy. It is our mission to restore livelihoods, one building at a time. Our team at Dry Kings Restoration takes pride in being one of the most reputable restoration companies in Northern California, providing guidance to those affected by disasters for the best possible outcome.


To emergency calls in Marin and San Francisco, we respond 24 hours, 7 days a week and will dispatch our crews within the hour, to make sure that the damage can be contained and the mitigation started immediately. We can help you determine if your situation is an emergency or not. For non-emergency calls, we can schedule an inspection at your convenience.

Yes, we work with insurance agents, adjusters and various carriers.

If your claim is denied or your policy does not cover the work, we will discuss in which ways we are able to help you and how much work is possible within your out of pocket budget.

Our crews use specialty measurement equipment to detect moisture and humidity levels. We are able to discover invisible water damage through infrared technology.

In order to give an accurate cost estimation, we will need to inspect your property and assess the extent of the damage. We will be able to provide a quote once the assessment is completed. Emergency services are usually invoiced once the work is completed.

This depends on the building materials that are damaged and the extent of the damage. Flood damage typically takes 3-5 days to dry out, some materials like hardwood floors can take up to 12 days to fully dry.

We will extract any standing water first and remove unsalvageable items. If necessary we open up walls to remove any wet insulation. Sometimes we need to make ‘flood cuts’ meaning to remove baseboards and partial parts of drywall in order for your home to properly dry out. In other cases we are able to ‘dry in place’ meaning no walls need to be opened. We always chose the least invasive method possible for each project we work on. Our technicians will set up drying and dehumidification equipment to regulate indoor temperature, humidity and air flow.

Contact us at 415-429-6281. We are able to provide you proof of our general liability insurance, workers comp, W9 and other licenses.

As a family owned business, we truly care to find the best solution for every single of our customers. We practice honesty, integrity and respect. You can trust us to have a vast amount of resources to aid you in your specific situation. A combination of specialty equipment and trained personnel will ensure efficiency in large and small water & fire damage restoration projects. At Dry Kings we are licensed contractors and also hold a broad spectrum of certifications in the Restoration & Cleaning industry. And last but not least, we believe in giving back to our community. We partner with local churches and nonprofits, because we care about the Bay area community.

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